Our mission is to promote the delivery of strength-based, context-sensitive,
developmentally-informed mental health training which builds on and supports
the emotionally-sustaining relationships of children, adolescents, adults and their families.

The Philadelphia Child and Family Therapy Training Center, Inc. became a corporation in July, 1999, U as an outgrowth of the Family Therapy Training Center founded by Salvador Minuchin, M.D. in 1975.


Our Center offers Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy training and research in couple and family therapy and developmentally-based approaches to child, adolescent and adult behavioral health issues. Most of the Center’s senior faculty worked with Dr. Minuchin at the former Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic as the concepts of his model, Structural Family Therapy, were being defined and promulgated during the 1970s. The Center has trained thousands of mental health and other human service professionals in the practice of family therapy, examining ecologically the home, school, and community environments for those elements of strength which can be mobilized to create positive, sustained change.

The Center embraces and implements cultural diversity, as evidenced by the diverse cultural characteristics of faculty, trainees and
clients served.